Thursday, July 24, 2008

Danskin Chicagoland Triathlon - July 13, 2008

Well, I've was an athlete this weekend! Yesterday we went to the orientation/pep talk for the triathlon. We got our free bag/hat/shirt and our packet of numbers and instructions. Since we were a rookie team, we got to the Prime Outlet Mall and parked by 4:30 AM. Then, we walked to the Recplex (about 1.8 miles). When we got there we checked to make sure we had everything set, but we soon realized we didn't have to be there as early as they said. I guess that early hour is more for the people who are doing all three legs and want to check their bikes etc. So, we took pictures. I think I look tired already!At 6:30 they cleared the transition area where the bikes were racked, and people started heading for the other side of the lake where the elite athletes would begin at 7. We watched the elites go and then Vicki, our swimmer, and I walked toward the beach (another 1/2 mile). This is what it looked like. Vicki was in the 26th wave at 8:36. The waves started at 7 and went every 4 minutes. it was really something to see. I was going to post a picture, but it really doesn't look as impressive as it does in person. I stayed on the beach to cheer Vicki on, and then I headed back to the transition area. Kris was waiting ready to go, and Vicki was finished in 19 minutes 22 seconds. Kris was off which of course made me sick because I was next. She came in 53 minutes and 46 seconds. And I was off. Stupidly I ran to the out gate, and was out of breath not too far on to the route. I guess I just wanted to get started. I did a combination of walking and jogging and I finished in 45 minutes 35 seconds. It was only a 5K, but since I didn't train I was pretty happy with it. Vicki wins the prize though, because she really knocked some time off of her Y training! We were all thrilled that we even finished as our team name was Desperate to Finish! It was

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