Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Applesauce and pancakes!

We are studying changes in matter, and today we demonstrated those changes by doing a little cooking. First we peeled and cored apples to make some applesauce (physical change). Then we cooked the apples until they were soft. They turned brown during that stage (chemical change). Bobby is demonstrating the apple corer/peeler/slicer while Logan is breaking her apple into the slow cooker. We all washed our hands BEFORE beginning. Any change in size, shape or state of matter without changing the kind of matter is a physical change. Bobby is peeling, changing the shape, and changing the size of the apple. We also mixed pancakes (physical change), and then we put the batter on the hot griddle. Bubbles started to form. When a new matter (gas) is formed, the change is chemical. In addition, the pancakes started to look brown. Change in color will also indicate a chemical change.
Here Brooke and Trenton wait patiently for the chemical changes to be complete so she could make a physical change in the pancake by biting into it! When the pancakes get chewed up in your mouth, a chemical change occurs when your saliva starts breaking the food down into something you can digest! Science is exciting and delicious!
Yea! It's eating time.
Christine enjoys the physical and chemical changes that occurred in the applesauce!

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Shelby said...

How fun! Chemical and physical changes were the theme I picked for girl scout badge day last year too. Being in the labs though we focused mostly on the chemical part with indicators and glowsticks and things. Packing peanuts and acetone are a good one for physical reactions too.