Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hosting Mr. Hashiguchi

On Saturday, Mr. Hashiguchi spent the day with my family and me. I picked him up and took him on a drive through Racine by the lake. We headed to the lighthouse, and it was really a beautiful day to go see it.
Jun liked the geese and wandered over to a big flock of them by the lighthouse. He kept getting into their space, so they took off in flight. I thought Jun might enjoy an old fashioned hamburger place, so we headed to Kewpee's, but it was closed for maintenance! We ended up at Tacos El Rey. Jun said the food was oishi, delicious!After that we headed to my sister's house and set out for our afternoon adventure. First stop: the Parkside theatre. My brother-in-law builds the sets, so we thought Jun might enjoy seeing the set for the current production, THE FOREIGNER. Having seen that we headed to Jerry Smith's Pumpkin Farm.Then we headed to Hawthorne Hollow for a walk in the woods to view the beautiful color. The Halloween store was the last stop before we headed to my sister's house to grill out. It was a long day, but we had fun. I hope Jun did too!


Jill said...

It looks like you had a fun day! I'm sure he didn't expect to go to Wisconsin and end up on a camel! Also, what did you end up getting him? I realized that I totally forgot to suggest some gifts to you. Well, since you were just in Japan, I'm sure you had a good idea of what he might like. Not to mention, he was probably thrilled just to spend the day with an all-American family! :)

Richard said...

You gave Jun quite an event filled day! It looks like he even got to play guitar hero!
Do you think you could gift wrap about 10,000 of those geese and ship them over to Japan? I'm one American who would gladly export some of these geese. (Do we have a hunting season for them?)