Friday, October 17, 2008

Community Service Blanket Project

Today my class worked with parents, staff, and other family members to tie blankets that will be donated to Women and Children's Horizons of Kenosha. We worked together for the afternoon to complete 12 blankets. In the pictures you may notice that some of the children are wearing hats. We had a fund raiser, called "Hats On", to raise funds to fight Childhood Cancer. Sponsored by our Student Senate, students paid $1 or more for the priviledge of wearing a hat today. The school raised $1600 with a good portion raised by the 6th grade. They had a competition and the class that raised the least had to do the Chicken Dance for the rest of the sixth grade. What a great day! We helped by making blankets and contributing to a great cause. Now that's community service!

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Richard said...

Thank you , students and staff of Salem Grade School, for caring about your community! Donating 12 blankets and $1600 really makes a BIG positive difference!
The blankets were beautiful! I'm sure that the people who get them will love them!